Updating java

15-Nov-2017 14:09

There are several ways to protect yourself from these types of attacks, but one thing that's essential - if you don't want to completely eradicate Java from your computer - is to keep it updated.They may be the bane of your digital life, but software updates are crucial to staying safe online, whatever operating system is installed.Of course, you should check with your company's IT support team before making changes to your work computer.Mac OS XWindows 8Windows 7 and Windows Vista Windows XPCommunity Q&A Java is a program that allows you to view and use certain applications and websites.Oracle started auto-updating Windows 32-bit and OS X, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) users from JRE 7 to JRE 8 in January 20, 2015.The Java auto-update mechanism is designed to keep Java users up-to-date with the latest security fixes.Versions other than the latest will not be removed as there are cases in which a user, particularly enterprise users, would need more than one version of Java on their systems.

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OS X users can also have multiple JRE versions available for desktop applications but only one of those versions can be used through the web browser.After Jul 2015 further security updates to JRE 7 will only be available through My Oracle Support and will require a support contract with Oracle. For Windows users, by default, Java applications that are accessed through a web-browser or webstart will use the latest version of Java on the system.It is possible for an application to specifiy the Java version required. " Some computer programs are written in a language called Java. The negative consequence is that if you are using any programs or websites that rely on Java, you will not be able to use those programs or websites correctly any more unless you install Java again. One at a time, select them, click "Remove," and follow the prompts to remove them. That gives you the worst of all possible worlds: a buggy old version of Java that might be exploited by maliciously coded web pages.

And that is a good thing, because many web pages rely on Java Script for important features you want.

Although you disable Java from running inside your browser, I would recommend a complete uninstallation if you want to rid your computer of it for good.