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"If [the fans] were going to Conner's, which is a store in the book, they're like, 'Let's go to Conner's!' and they're having a whole conversation like Tessa and Harry.I'm such a loser.'", and publishing the chapters to the app Wattpad, a community of readers and writers that now counts 36 million members.Todd could tell her fan fiction was becoming wildly popular around chapter 80 (the first Wattpad book has 99 chapters), when people started tweeting at her as though they were the story's lead characters Tessa and Harry.And they were true to the characters, the way that they talked and everything.And I was like, Holy shit."A week after she lost the call center job, Wattpad called and said they wanted to turn her book into something bigger.

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"I don't know if you're in any kind of fandoms, but I'm a total fandom person," she said.

Whether for school or pleasure, she only read classic novels like Todd got married one month after finishing high school to a guy she had been dating for a year.