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You can find further information in Annex 6 of the Tier 4 policy guidance on the Government website.You are eligible for the pilot scheme if you are applying for a Tier 4 visa to start a one-year taught master's degree or research master's degree (MRes) at the University of Bath.There have been no reports of voter impersonation since 2003.Voter ID was raised in a report on voting fraud by Sir Eric Pickles, published in August last year.In addition, Tower Hamlets will also run a separate postal voting pilot, looking at the security of postal votes and providing additional guidance in postal vote packs.The form of identification to be used will be set by the councils, but the pilot will involve trialling both photo ID and non-photo ID to see what is most effective and efficient.The MP added that he allowed Oakden to pose with the car but did not realise it was intended for the ‘adult site’.Oakden told Mail On Sunday that he joined the social networking site nine years ago.

You are included in the pilot if you are applying for entry clearance overseas or if you are applying from within the UK following successful completion of an undergraduate or previous postgraduate degree.You are also not required to include evidence of your academic qualifications with your visa application.You are still required to meet the Tier 4 Immigration Rules and may be asked to provide documentation as part of the application process or a spot check.I am very hopeful that by taking a careful evidence-based approach in these pilots we will be able to roll out ID in polling stations at future elections.

Many countries around the world have already made it a requirement to prove identity at a polling station And it is already a requirement in Northern Ireland, where ID has been requested since 1985.The Electoral Commission has called for it for its introduction and the international election watchdog the Organisation for Security and Co-operation has said it should be “seriously considered”.