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27-Nov-2017 16:18

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To further protect your identity, use a stage-name when performing on the network and don’t give away and information that can personally identify you or your location.

If you want to get into the adult industry, but don’t want to perform on camera, sex talking or sexting might be the perfect career for you.

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BGC welcomes all members of the LGB&T community, including the Black Brothas/Sistas, Our Latino Brothas/Sistas, Our White Cousins and Our Far East Coast Cousins from China and India, we are all One Big Family.

As long as you meet somewhere neutral, make sure someone knows where you are and arrange to call them at a set time so you can tell them you are ok and if you don't call they know where to find you. It's not all that different to a one night stand really only a wee bit safer as you've been chatting so you have that vibe already. you're a long time dead luv x Oh and do let me know how it went Aslong as your taking precautions and being safe with these mens it's really no different than having a one night stand with a stranger you would meet in a club/pub. I met him a few times and he hurt me the last time. I could have met someone in the pub that would have done the exact same. You don't have to give them the nitty gritty of what you're doing but could say that you're just meeting up with him and want someone to know where you are.

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