Online dating scams from america

27-Nov-2017 17:17

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You have seen the ads out there to “Fuck for two hours” or “Last Longer” and you see a photo of a bottle of pills called King Size.Well it’s a King Sized Scam from some King Sized Scum!Just another billing scam from a group who also run a phony dating site.They tell you girls are in your area and want to fuck.It can be embarrassing to feel tricked into thinking you’ve formed a relationship online, but if you tell us we can take a report in confidence. Very few people know as much about this industry as me. Just look at the comparison between the Blackcore Edge ingredients and the Big Jim & The Twins ingredients. If you look at the ingredients it's not filled with extracts, it's all powder.

Look at the fine print from their sleazy, scummy website titled TERMS and CONDITIONS. Then 12 days later they charge you 9.97 for the bottle you think is free. Check out the trademark registration they have filed. Kitts – that's a tiny little island in the Caribbean. The head honcho, Paul T., is really hiding out in a house in Fort Lauderdale he bought in February of 2014. I’m so tired of scumbags trying to cash in on my name, but these guys are real crooks.

In fact, it's one of the reasons I created my website and am spilling the beans on the penis pill industry. You can buy Big Jim & The Twins for .58 on Amazon.