Intelligence dating cops lyrics

10-Dec-2017 21:56

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The song describes a man seeking help to find love, so he talks to a Gypsy who determines, by means of palmistry, that he needs "love potion number 9".

The potion, an aphrodisiac, causes him to fall in love with everything he sees, kissing whatever is in front of him, eventually kissing a policeman on the street-corner, who breaks his bottle of love potion.

However, as an officer, Oliver was worried about what her superiors might think of her spontaneous performance.

A York Regional Police officer stunned car show goers Thursday night when she laid down an impromptu freestyle rap in front of a roaring crowd. Amy Oliver was working security at the Strada Car Meet on Thursday when she put on the performance in uniform and all. E.’ starts to blare through the speakers and Oliver takes the mic.

“It wasn’t a very positive environment when I got there. They were worried that we were going to start impounding all their vehicles and charging them,” she said.

“So I was told, heads-up they might not be happy with you being here, and I understood that.

Oliver’s rap pokes fun at policing stereotypes -- including her love of doughnuts -- while also attempting to combat negative perceptions of police. “I like my doughnuts Boston cream and my coffee double-double, I try to drink it all before someone starts trouble.” After cracking a few jokes at her own expense, Oliver’s tone shifts.But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution?

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