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In any event, don’t speculate on what’s going on regarding matters that you are excluded from.

So you may be escorted to the jury room or the Court may conduct a bench conference.

M.) 24 -25 25 -26 26 -27 27 STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE SUPERIOR COURT DIVISION COUNTY OF GASTON 0 STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, ) ) VS ) ) MARK BRADLEY CARVER, ) ) Defendant. The trial will proceed in substantially the following manner.

(Whereupon, the Court took an evening recess at P. M.) THE COURT: Members of the jury, you have been selected and impaneled to serve as jurors in the case entitled State versus Mark Bradley Carver.

) ) VOLUME I OF V These proceedings coming on to be heard before the Honorable Timothy S. You may not read, watch or listen to any media accounts of this trial.

STETZER: We would like to keep our lead investigator in here, Detective Terry. These are required by law to be heard outside of your presence.

From time to time during the course of the trial it will become necessary for the Court to confer with the attorneys about issues of law or procedure.

MITZY BONDURANT OFFICIAL COURT REPORTER 325 NORTH MARIETTA STREET, SUITE 4135 GASTONIA, NC 28052 (704) 852-3173 -2 March 14, 2011 (The following proceedings were held in open court with the defendant and all counsel present.) MR. We will take those in whatever order the Court pleases. If you fail to comply with these rules, you may be 29 -30 held in contempt which means you may be punished by imprisonment, fine or both or you may cause you and your fellow jurors to become sequestered. You do not want to be the cause of that happening to your fellow jurors, I assume you, because you would not be permitted any contact with any person even in non-court hours until the trial is over. We would let people know that you just wouldn’t be coming home. I will do everything I can to get you out of here at or before . They are flexible but that is generally our schedule.

STETZER: This is the State of North Carolina versus Mark Bradley Carver, 0, first degree murder, 3, felony conspiracy to commit first degree murder. You would be put up in a hotel somewhere and your meals catered to you. Now today our schedule will be just a bit different. I live about a half a mile, maybe three-quarters of a mile, from it. HAMLIN: Your Honor, the case law that I have that I am presenting is directly on point indicating that the admission of someone by either defense or state of asking that they be able to take a polygraph cannot be mentioned throughout the trial in any way or even during arguments. If it is not permitted we will have to determine whether or not redacting it takes away from the statement or its cohesiveness before we can determine whether or not the jury should be entitled to see the whole thing. Your Honor, there is one last motion that was filed by the State back in January of 2011. Myself and some other people have 7 -8 tried to find actual case law on this. THE COURT: But if the question is asked were you involved in any type of investigation, I think that’s permissible, but as to a general question about do you know about the investigation that happened at the SBI lab, I think that is impermissible because that is a statement that is not in evidence. If there is a question asked that you find to be so embarrassing or so personal you are uncomfortable answering it, let us know that. I really don’t think that is going to happen but just in case it does you have our apologies in advance. So just because one party gets to go first or gets to go last or has to go first or has to go last doesn’t mean anything. And then you headed north and you passed under the I-85 bridge?