Fossil dating tools

02-Oct-2017 07:59

In addition, the ankle and knee are specialized for upright walking.

Other skeletal features are very much like those of later hominins.

Like humans, they were teeth were small like those of humans, but their cheek teeth were large.

The genus name meaning “southern ape” refers to the first fossils found, which were discovered in South Africa.

In 1947 a partial skeleton was unearthed that revealed the humanlike specializations for bipedalism now known to be characteristic of all australopiths.

Almost all of the remains from Sterkfontein come from a deposit where there is a conspicuous absence of stone tools.

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There are, however, some dental features in common with later hominins.For example, the earliest species, , is humanlike in having small canine teeth and a face that does not project very far.