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21-Nov-2017 19:13

The huge dining table, the expensive chairs and sofas, the two huge flatscreens.

And unlike many men before him, he was in a unique position to -- perhaps -- realize his lofty goal. The man was alone for the moment, though he could hear the incessant bustle of his employees echoing through the halls.

The edges of the man's robe fluttered around his legs as he walked. "I've got her in one of the cells off the Power Ball court," Van der Meer answered.

The robe was woven of light grey and ruby red fauxsilk, brilliant flowers embroidered on its lapels. The hallway they were moving down was cavernous, over four meters wide and nearly as high.

Liked it a lot, and was more than willing to stop anyone who tried to derail his powerful employer.

The huge paychecks were the cake; the perks were the icing, something he'd found he couldn't live without. The powerful man stood up and together they strode out of the room.

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They'd already hit the silent alarm." He smiled, and not prettily.While everyone called it an estate the property was much more than that, close to a dozen buildings scattered over an area the size of a spaceport.