Dating a man with 2 baby mamas Freesex chat no credit card

08-Nov-2017 00:51

I’m really curious about what exactly Ciara thought would be different when she got pregnant with baby number four.

She had to realize upfront that Future’s chronically potent AND he’s chronically non-committal.

And, yes, Ciara’s a beautiful woman, but again, realistically speaking, she’s not the only game in town.

Without having seen any of them, I’m thinking at least one (if not all) of the three other women are also beautiful; an attribute that clearly doesn’t hold Future’s attention.

Whatever the case may be, there is a reason why he doesn’t want the two of you crossing paths.

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Granted, if you’re out enjoying a meal at dinner together, then it might be rude of him to answer, but if the two of you are lazying around at the house and he’s in the position to answer the phone but yet you see that he deliberately pushes the button to send the call to voicemail, go ahead and raise your brow to that one. His awkward and nervous reaction the very first time you and his “baby momma” come face to face This particular indicator correlates with number #2.With that in mind, I almost had to chuckle when I read that singer Ciara is suing her son’s father, rapper, Future for 15 million dollars for bad-mouthing her in the media during their ongoing custody saga.Now, Future already had three children, by three different women—none of which he’d ever married, before he got with Ciara.Fact number one is that men sell dreams like an aspiring rapper on the corner pushing his brand new mixtape.

Fact number two is that many, if not all, of us have been sold this myth about the “different” girl.

But Ciara still decided to bet on herself despite the virtually insurmountable odds that Future would commit.