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Be very wary of businesses with just a PO BOX or email address. Anything in the top 100,000 means it's reasonably big - a good, though not foolproof, indication of legitimacy.Do a quick Google search for other shoppers' experiences.Crucially, ensure your security's up-to-date - free software can be downloaded to your computer in five mins.Full details in the Free Anti-Virus Software guide. Ultimately, there is always a risk that a company can go bust.Quite simply, its customers are immediately transformed into creditors.This hits hardest if you've ordered goods or tickets from them, and not had delivery, as then you are simply one of a line of people trying to get your money back out of the company's assets, and you usually get back much less than you paid in.

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Citroën sold 1,455,746 examples, including 1,330,755 built at the manufacturer's Paris Quai André-Citroën production plant.

Whether it's a retailer or restaurateur, airline or air-conditioner seller, computer shop or car rental company, there are always two main risks: either it's a dodgy company, or it's a legit company that has financial problems and goes bust.