Adult text chat room without java

25-Oct-2017 04:33

The three products were each tested in repeated communications between two or more participants, running continuously on their computers for a period of five days.

Parachat operates through a Web page, and one was designed specifically for this test, linking to a dedicated room on the product’s public server.

The three synchronous text-based products tested in this study offer the typical assortment of educationally useful tools, including: text-based chat communications; direct text messaging; private messaging; the ability to create chat rooms for multi-way conferencing; identification of participants; status indicators; alerts upon receiving new messages; an option to include or block users; automatic acknowledgement when users log on/ off; and cut and paste text methods.

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Users can enter chat rooms and read messages without sending any, a practice known as lurking.

The software generates a single line of HTML code for embedding into a Web page, allowing users to launch a pop-up chat room either by a Web page link or an embedded java applet.

The chat rooms are hosted on Para Chat’s own servers.

The chat administrator’s options for customising the chat area are primarily limited to modifying its colour schemes.

The basic version’s key benefit is the ease with which Web developers can add one or more basic chat rooms to their sites at no cost.

It organises and keeps track of contacts who use other text-based programs such as Yahoo Messenger and ICQ – a feature which, though useful, can create problems in the attempt to use both programs simultaneously, because AT&T prevents this.